There is evidence for what works to prevent, treat and recover from addiction. Progress is being made across the country and throughout Ohio, but more can be done to identify and implement effective strategies in a widespread and coordinated way. Click here for a description of the HPIO Addiction Evidence Project scope and purpose.


 The HPIO Addiction Evidence Project will provide state policymakers and other stakeholders with tools to:

  • Quickly find existing information about what works
  • Review addiction policy changes enacted in Ohio in recent years
  • Assess the extent to which new policies align with existing standards and evidence
  • Identify areas where Ohio policy can be better aligned with standards and evidence, including potential gaps in Ohio’s response to the opiate crisis

HPIO plans to post three types of tools on the HPIO Addiction Evidence Project website:

  • Evidence resource pages: Hubs for clinical standards and guidelines, expert consensus statements and recommendations, model policies and evidence registries. Click here to see the evidence resource page for prevention, treatment and recovery
  • Policy inventories: Lists of Ohio legislation, regulations, funding allocation amounts, practice guidelines, state agency initiatives and legislative initiatives
  • Policy scorecards: Analysis of strengths and gaps in Ohio’s policy response to addiction

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