Gregory Boehm_____________________________________________________

I am honored to serve as president of the Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine (OHSAM). I appreciate this opportunity to connect with my colleagues and lead us through the challenge of making effective treatment options more available and accessible for so many Ohioans suffering from the grip of addiction.

The challenges facing our profession are present on various levels, including funding for treatment and medication for patients, education and awareness of this disease for our communities, and increased training opportunities for physicians who care for the addicted and their families. The integration of addiction medicine into primary care settings and other medical specialties also remains a daunting task but requires our very best effort.

The good news is that there is clearly a path forward!

We are encouraged by the demonstrated effectiveness of medicated-assisted treatment, residential programs, intensive outpatient options, and 12-step mutual aid. By addressing these challenges we are achieving OHSAM’s goal of providing support, advocacy, and resources to healthcare professionals who treat addiction and support recovery. Together, we can work to increase access and usher in greater integration of addiction medicine across the entire medical care landscape.

Gregory X. Boehm, MD
Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine