Practice Management

When Doctors Contract the Illness They Treat


The Ohio General Assembly established a program that allows an eligible practitioner who is impaired due to a substance use disorder to avoid formal disciplinary action by the State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) by utilizing established confidential monitoring and treatment conditions as defined in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4731.251 and 4731.252 – this is known as the One-Bite Program.

National and State Guidance, Resources, and News Relating to Coronavirus and Addiction Treatment

This webpage contains guidance, resources, and news from around the country regarding addiction treatment in the wake of COVID-19.

Standards and Performance Measurements

  • Standards of Care for the Addiction Specialist Physician Document – PDF
  • Performance Measures for the Addiction Specialist Physician – PDF
  • Specifying and Testing ASAM Measures using Veterans Health Administration Data – PDF
  • Applying ASAM Performance Measures in Commercial Health Insurance and Services Data – PDF

Buprenorphine Waiver Management

Learn more about the qualifications for and process to apply for a buprenorphine waiver, as well as resources ASAM has to help members increase their patient limit.

Utilization Management Resources

ASAM provides resources to assist physicians when dealing with a payer utilization management issues. 

Billing & Coding

Access information on the language of reimbursement for addiction treatment services. 

Confidentiality (42 CFR Part 2)

Learn how ASAM advocates for patient privacy protections as federal regulations are changed and updated. 

DEA Office Inspection Tips

Know how to prepare for a DEA inspection at your practice or treatment center.